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A high-level ultrasound can check out all the exceptions?

98% of expectant mothers error that: a high-level ultrasound can check out all the exceptions

This is a rather big mistake knowledge.

Ultrasound are dead, test results will be affected by restrictions, and the interpretation of results will be affected by many factors, such as the belly of the thickness of her mother (maternal fat thick, ultrasonic penetration decline will lead to images not clear), fetal position, angle, posture, dynamic, and so the amount of amniotic fluid. Some abnormal ultrasound can not see, such as metabolic disease. Can not require an ultrasound to check out all of the exceptions, in particular, is a fine structure, including the fingers, with a few, several, ears have ear lobe, nose is not quite so pretty.

At present, all hospitals will be 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy when the health handbook distributed to expectant mothers. In about 20 weeks or so, will be conducted for check-ultrasound, to see the status of fetal organ development, but if the photo of that time, the fetus does not go to the front or in the right place, they can not correctly interpret the status of the fetus. If the mothers do not worry, may require a higher level and then an ultrasound scan. Ultrasound diagnosis of high-level view of the golden 20 ~ 24 weeks, after which the fetus grow up, the organ will be getting bigger and bigger bones will become more calcification, ultrasound can see the status of perspective will also be reduced.

Tips: Ultrasonic inspection schedule

5 ~ 6 weeks ultrasound

See embryos: At this point by ultrasound examination, and was able to see the location within the embryo sac in the womb, if not see, they have to wonder if there is the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. Mothers without vaginal bleeding situation, only to see the location of implantation embryo sac. If vaginal bleeding, it is usually a "threatened abortion", this time there is some organization from the vagina falling out, we should consider whether it really had been aborted. In addition, during pregnancy between 5 ~ 8 weeks, you can also see that the number of embryos in order to determine whether the mother gave birth to twins.

12 weeks 1 formal check-ups

Collect the "pregnant women's health manual": most of the expectant mothers in the pregnancy around 12 weeks for the first 1 for check-ups, do the basic checks. As time has entered a relatively stable phase, the general hospital will apply for mothers, "pregnant women's health handbook." Doctors in the future for each expectant mother to do the check-ups, it will also record based on manual inspection of the project separately and take notes. The ultrasonic inspection of the project is the "fetal nuchal translucency with a" screening and so on.

17 ~ 20 weeks detailed ultrasound examination

Comprehensive inspection: This inspection is aimed at the appearance of fetal development to see whether there is a larger problem. Doctors will carefully the amount of fetal head circumference, abdominal circumference, femur length and to view the spine to see whether there are congenital anomalies. Most mothers look forward to the first fetal movement, about 18 to 20 weeks there.

33 ~ 35 weeks ultrasound examination

Assessment of fetal weight: At 34 weeks pregnant, we recommend that expectant mothers to do a detailed ultrasound examination to assess fetal weight and developmental status at the time, and estimated the fetus to term production weight. Once a fetus underweight, expectant mothers should be more to add some nutrients.

The doctor's advice: If you want an ultrasound check-ups, you can find all unusual, apparently "mission impossible."

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