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DATE: 2008/07/09(水)   CATEGORY: Room For Qian Qian
Concern about Olympic Games
The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games open ceremony is only 30 days away from today, are you plan to go to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games? What preparation is done? How to pay close concern about Olympic Games in Shenzhen?

Shenzhen Olympic Games ticket get, work already for ten more than day, many to plan, go Beijing think people of Olympic Games begin, make, blow distinct plan too. Yesterday, reporters collected information and knew, if is the person succeeding in ordering to the Olympic Games ticket in many ways, go Beijing think it is most low to it controls to be about 1000 yuan for Olympic Games to spend. If is a person who transfers the ticket through buying, the cost this time needs about 10000 yuan.

There is no special price in the ticket during the course of the Olympic Games

It is reported, Shenzhen will release more than 8000 Olympic Games ticket, more than 8000 planned numbers can watch the opening and closing ceremonies or Olympic Games match in Shenzhen. Book admission, succeed in, it is the A ticket of the opening ceremony that the cost on the ticket is the highest, 5000 yuan. The cheapest one is some C tickets of non- hot tournament, 50 yuan. So, if succeed in booking to the ticket, the cost of ticket is not big, between 50-5000 yuan.

In getting accommodation, the famous economic hotel chain is like 168 hotels of family, Mo Tai,etc., it is near Olympic venue been at Beijing and it branch at areas other,price during the course of the Olympic Games for 900 yuans /among /late -2000 yuans /among /it is the late. According to the introduction like the staff members of the booking centre of family's hotel, this price estimates that will be sustained when Beijing Olympic Games opens, not now order,whose name is at 1000 yuans in special price room price in the every branch one /among /it is the late, changes middle the big in range, but there is actually few quantity of the special price room. If does not order, move in during Olympic Games directly, the price may be higher.

It is in kinds of choices another young hotel,can last 300 yuans these hotels / the late /accommodation service of berth. During Olympic Games, Beijing short to rent house business can prevail very much too, but count according to the present quotations, these short prices to rent room are on the high side, the factor of receiving the market is of great impact, most short prices to rent room are in the uncertain state of looking around.

In going out, Shenzhen - ticket single trip of Beijing full price 1950, come and go, have special price temporarily. The staff members of a ticket booking centre say, estimate it during Olympic Games, round ticket will not all have special price, there will not the single trip even more. And if take the train, the admission fee is 260 yuan -720 yuan.

The tourist market scarely has " The Olympic Games swims " Route

It is reported, scarely have " the special line of Olympic Games is visited " on the tourist market of Shenzhen The route, analyze, mainly because the travel agency does not bear the business of the Olympic Games ticket this time according to the insider, the ticket is not easy to give a discount, so has not introduced relevant route business temporarily.

Reporter learn as to book ticket, need, buy people to transfer admission say, cost will be turned over one time of growth. At present, the Olympic Games ticket is propagandized hotly on the net, the highest one looks through 100 times, general ticket is about 10 times of the face value. For example, a ticket of basketball semifinals, the listed price is 300 yuan, transfer price is at least 3000 yuan, if sports stars such as Liu Xiang,etc. participated in the hot match, the price will be higher. A opening ceremony ticket of Olympic Games for 200 yuan, the transfer price may be about 20000 yuan. In general, to needing buying the citizens who transfers the ticket, need to prepare 10000 yuan, may reach the wish of seeing the Olympic Games of Beijing smoothly.

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