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DATE: 2008/05/23(金)   CATEGORY: Room For Qian Qian
Mix In
Come from friend's blog COPY which I like those lines

1.Decorate a study, it takes one sharp and a big book case in wall, fill it slowly with you

2.Back-to-back with you, read one's own books while listening to CD that all of us like, sit on the timber apron

3.While having a bath, help you to shave

4.You had a meal and took to put down the chopsticks and watch to you it for a moment when being fragrant

5.Go to Tibet with you

6.Go to North Europe with you

7.Brush teeth with your tooth stealthily

8.Come off duty, come back, speak as you tired to extremely, it speaks to be so hungry that stand firm, embrace you, then make a desk of good food to you

9.Look after our parents with you

10.Once make love to you in the arms of the nature at least

11,Why ground kiss you if not

12,First reader letting you do all of my works

13,Go to fly a kite together every spring

14,Often embrace you, want you to embrace too

15,Wake you up every morning, or is woken up by you

16,Often see your smiling, the appearance that has you to nod to shake the head at the time

17,Go shopping with you, buy vegetables, go home and cook
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